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Our thoughts about community, family, and tribe. Also exploring large and small communities, which is right for you?

Business Possibilities
Ideas we think would be successful businesses in changing times, but could use some help with.

Networking and Cooperation
As climate change, peak oil, and the fall of the U.S. Empire converge, working together will be the key.

About (farm's name)'s Founders
Meet David and Elaine, and learn about their personal ongoing journeys towards true sustainability.

The Property
An overview of (farm's name)'s infrastructure, key resources, and some of our plans for the future.

Articles and Blogs
Read articles written by and about us.

Resources and Friends
Websites of interest, primarily local to the PNW

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Ongoing Improvements

Barn Restoration and Upgrades

The pole barn at the southwest corner of the property is basically a solid structure, but will greatly benefit from some minor structural repairs. We've begun by replacing some water damaged siding. This summer we will replace the roof and give it a fresh coat of paint

In addition to these structural updates, we're in the process of creating an insulated interior room to be used as a shop. Our next barn project will be to finish and insulate the upstairs room, which can have a variety of practical uses.

Read the full story with pictures.
(last updated 02.16.12)

Previous Projects and Stories

•  The ducks move to the lower garden

•  We've acquired the structure for a 90' greenhouse!

•  The Silver Twinkie arrives

•  Wonderful bean harvest this year (2011)

•  All that we're thankful for...

Welcome to (name goes here)'s Website

We are a developing micro-community, alive with projects in progress, countless opportunities, and tons of room for growth. Below we've outlined our primary areas of interest, both in what we have to offer and what we are looking for.

We are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, about halfway between Eugene and Corvallis in the eastern foothills of the Coastal Range.  To learn more about our location and resources, see out Infrastructure section.

Business Opportunities

Business OpportunitiesWe are looking for ways to leverage our resources and skills, and create a profitable yet conscious business. The business would hopefully be far beyond "recession proof", and would take into account the collapsing empire we live in. This may require redefining "sustainable". Our primary skills and main focus concern local food, and we woul like to open a Food Co-Operative in the Junction City area.

Community Members

We are interested in growing our small community. Micro-communities (1-10 members) have many benefits, and also many requirements. In smaller groups, each individual plays a larger role, so compatibility (for example) is more critical than in a larger group. Inversely, decision making by consensus is inherently less problematic, because the fewer the people, the less the likelihood of conflict. We have devoted much of this website to describing who we are in the hopes that this will act as a natural filtering process, allowing people with similar world views and goals to find us.

Consulting, Teaching, Learning, Bartering, and Networking

Our founding members have various practical and life-oriented skills, and are available to teach, coach, and facilitate individual or groups based on your needs. These offerings are detailed on this website, but briefly range from instruction in organic gardening to coaching regarding debt-free sustainable personal economics.